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Near Zion – Grafton Ghost Town

Photo Credit: Bingen Cortazar on flickr Nearby Zion and off a tiny road in the small town of Rockville sits a spooky ghost town. In all reality it really isn’t that scary of a place, from what history tells us, nothing too terrible happened there. It really is just a cute little old town that […]

What to Expect When Hiking Emerald Pools

Want to go on a hike on a super-hot day in Zion National Park, but need something moderately easy with plenty of shade to keep you cool? Emerald Pools is a refreshing and beautifully scenic hike for those who need something a little less extreme. Only a .6 mile long hike this is the perfect […]

Snow Covered Kolob Canyon

We are always partial to Angels Landing, the Narrows, and the likes. But if you were looking into going out a bit further than the main part of Zion, the Kolob Canyon section of Zion is one of our favorite spots. The views just off of the road are expansive an inspiring. And if you […]

Zion in Winter Panoramic

We’ll admit there aren’t many panoramic images that we love, but this one taken off of Kolob Terrace road is definitely one of our favorites. Just look at those snow capped mountains of red and white in the distance! Zion during the winter months offers an incredibly unique experience, one that you shouldn’t miss out […]