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Breathtaking Zion

For those of you who are looking at coming to Zion in late September and into October, you should be lucky enough to catch the park in a flush of autumn colors. This video is very well done. Enjoy 🙂 A Moment in Zion from Andrew Julian on Vimeo.

Winter in Zion

If you’re wondering if Zion’s worth venturing to during winter then hopefully these images will sway you. When winter comes around Zion in many ways slows down substantially, you aren’t able to access many of the higher elevation areas and hikes of Zion, but in truth Zion doesn’t get a ton of snow usually, which […]

The Basics of Hydration While Hiking in Zion

When hiking anywhere, especially in an arid place like Zion National Park, the importance of fluids or liquids in the body should not be underestimated. Our body is like a vehicle that needs fluids in order to function efficiently. The state of losing fluids is known as dehydration and the only way to replenish the […]