Hidden Canyon Trail

East of The Great White Throne tucked away is Hidden Canyon which is a stunning “hanging canyon” that visitors can explore. This hike is pretty cool cause depending on how far you want to explore into the canyon, it can last from 3-6 hours. It offers beautiful views and good obstacles to overcome. This is a more strenuous hike and is not suggest for the faint of heart or those who are afraid of heights. The trail climbs the east side of the canyon, access to the trailhead starts at Weeping Rock Trailhead.

Hidden Canyon Trail
Photo Credit: Patric Chaussé on flickr

The beginning of the trail will start with a few uphill sand covered switchbacks, as you get to the top of minor saddle the trail will then follow the canyon wall where helpful chains have been set in place for hikers safety. Eventually it will descend into a little shaded valley. Now for the fun part of the trail, there will be sandstone carved steps that lead up to an exposed ledge where more chains have been set in place for hikers to hold onto. This section can be quite scary for those afraid of heights! There will be a path that has been carved into the sandstone wall as well.

After conquering that section you will have officially reached Hidden Canyon, be careful as you cross over the stream bed for there are potholes that are filled with water. This is technically where the trail ends, but you can keep on hiking around for about another mile and explore beyond the trails end. If you decide to hike on, there will be plenty of overgrown gardens, mossy covered rocks, and there is even a small arch to be found.

The more you hike in the more the trail has to offer. There’s so much to be seen on this trail and it can be a lot of fun with the right crowd of friends!


Tips For Staying In A Hotel With Kids

Staying in a hotel with little ones can be quite stressful and at times it seems nearly unbearable. Trying to keep them entertained, safe and just plain happy in a hotel is pretty hard at times. So we have compiled a list of tips to make your next stay in a hotel with children a little more bearable.

Photo Credit: homestarkaren on flickr

Kid Proofing

This is especially helpful if you have toddlers and babies. Baby proof or kid proof the room the moment you arrive. Pack a few electrical outlet covers, table corner covers, and lots of disinfectant. Inspect the room for anything dangerous that your child could injure themselves on and move it out of reach. Doing a complete once over of a hotel room could help in keeping the kids safe.

Set Up

Get everything set up for your stay. This means having diapers out and available so you’re not digging through your luggage trying to find one after an accident. Get a feeding station and play area set up. Get the bathroom all set up as well. Hotels are like mini homes away from home, so make yourself and your kids as comfortable as possible before you head out to explore. This will make your life a lot easier when it comes to getting everyone dressed and ready, fed, bathed, etc.

Book A Suite

With kids it can be very frustrating, cramped and just plain uncomfortable to be stuck in a regular sized hotel room. Kids have a lot of energy and are going to be moving around and not stuck in one place, so the more space the better! Also, keeping the stay as close to a home feeling as possible will make a world of difference.

Stay Organized And Clean

Staying in a little room can be very chaotic especially with the whole family. Staying organized and cleaning up (making beds, putting dirty clothes back in suitcases, etc) will help maintain the sanity in the room.

Always Latch

Kids love to explore and get out, and hotel rooms don’t allow you to lock yourselves in. Kids can be sneaky and escape fairly easy, so be sure to use the latch to keep them locked in as best as you can.

Hopefully these tips will help you on your next trip with your kiddos!


Taylor Creek – Kolob Canyons

For those who are less familiar with Zion, Kolob Canyons is part of Zion and is located on the northwestern side of the park with an entirely separate entrance. This is a great place to hike and explore if you are looking for a little bit of solitude as it has fewer visitors. Most don’t know that Kolob is part of the Zion Park, which means that you can use your annual or interagency passes! Kolob Canyons offers several hikes and overlooks and is definitely just as stunning as the main part of Zion National Park, just a bit more crimson in color! Here are a few of the hikes you can take if you visit Kolob Canyons.

Taylor Creek

If you’re looking for a fun family hike with tons of wild life then Taylor Creek is definitely a hike you will want to go on. This is a 5 mile hike that takes most 4 hours to reach the end and back. This trail takes you into a narrow box canyon toward the double arch cove. On the trail you will criss cross over Taylor Creek multiple times giving you the chance to splash and play in the water to cool off before moving forward. Prepare to be captivated by Tucupit and Paria towering 1700ft above you as you reach the end of the trail to the Double Arch Alcove.

Timber Creek Overlook

This is a short and easy mile long trail that takes most about 30 minutes to complete. The trail leads you along a small ridge offering beautiful views of Pine Valley, Kolob Canyons and Kolob Terrace. If you are hiking in the spring months you will get to see the trail and mountains covered in wild flowers making the view and experience just that much more spectacular.

Kolob Arch Trail

Kolob Arch is the second largest arch in the world! So getting a chance to see this amazing rock formation is quite the experience. The trail is for the more advanced hikers as it is more strenuous and takes about 7 hours one way. This is a good hike in and camp experience! For more information on the Kolob Arch trail heads visit the Visitors Center.

Kolob Arch
Photo Credit: Jason Benton on flickr

Keyhole Canyoneering – Zion National Park

Looking for a fun and exciting way to cool off this summer? Check out Keyhole Canyon in Zion National Park. This hike does require a pass and some gear, but is well worth it. You will need at least a 100ft rope as there are about 3 short rappels in this canyon. Depending on the season, you may need a wetsuit as well, as the water can get extremely cold.

Keyhole Canyon
Photo Credit: Patrick McCue on flickr

The trailhead starts on route 9, there will be signs, and roadside parking. Prepare to be hiking for at least 2-3 hours as there are some obstacles and other technicalities that will need to be faced in this hike. This hike is really good for beginning canyoneers as there are several down-climbs that you will need to face, that can be intimidating, but as long as you use opposite force on the walls you will make it down fine. Just be sure to asses the decline before executing.

zion 080
Photo Credit: Lawrence on flickr

This is really a beautiful canyon to explore and you get to capture some stunning slot canyon scenery. This is a hike that you can take older children on, as said before, it is a great beginner canyon. Safety always come first though, make sure that you have the appropriate gear and are evaluating each rappel and decent as carefully as you can before heading onward. have fun and enjoy Keyhole Canyon!

What to Do in Zion National Park

Visiting Zion National Park is an enjoyable experience as you witness the most majestic landscapes that you can find in North America. What you will like about this tourist destination is that it covers as a vast 150,000 acres of land. With so much land, that means that there is more to this park than just sight-seeing activities. There are tons of activities and other things that you can do to get the most out of your visit.

Zion National Park, UT-Entrance Sign
Photo Credit: Russell J Bennett on flickr

Here are some of the best locations when you go on a trip to Zion National Park:

Kolob Canyon

One of the most interesting places that you can visit in the Zion National Park is Kolob Canyon. From beautiful arches to waterfalls, you get to enjoy nature and be amazed with the beauty of this place. To go to Kolob Canyon, you need to take exit 40 since you cannot reach it via the main entrance. You also have the option to tour the place via car or foot.

Angel’s Landing

Are you searching for the best scenic view in the park? Then the best of the best is Angel’s Landing. Before you reach the place, you will have to challenge yourself and take a strenuous hike following the West Rim Trail. But once you reach the top, you will see that it will all be worth it. Enjoy the most beautiful scenic views when you are at the top overlooking Zion National Park.

The Narrows

Water lover? The best choice then would be The Narrows. There are several reasons why this has been the most popular choice among water loving hikers. For one, you need to wade or to swim for most of this hike. You can see the Virgin River cutting through beautiful rock formations in this canyon and there are some amazing sights to be seen here. Travelers who want to experience different adventure should definitely try the Narrows.

Zion Mt. Carmel Highway

This highway gives you glimpse of the Zion National Park has to offer. You get to see beauty and captivating views of the park. Enjoy listening to your favorite roadtrip music as you see this scenic route just like in the movies. Get the most out of your road trip as you drive along the Zion Mt. Carmel Highway.

Zion Canyon Human History Museum

For those who are into visiting museums and just relaxing in general, you can visit the Zion Human History Museum and the Zion Canyon Center. Get to know about the rich history of the area as well as the flora and fauna found all over the place.

Things in Zion to do Other Than Hiking

You would be surprised to find out that there is so much more to Zion than just hiking. The cool thing about Zion is that it is one of the most bike friendly National Parks. Have you ever considered going on a thrilling mountain biking adventure on the back trails of the park? That’s right. There are some pretty amazing and awesome trails even for beginners to enjoy mountain biking. There are several trails near or in Zion National Park that would be amazing for anyone to experience riding.

things in zion to do

Par’ Us Trail being one of the most popular, this trail starts at Canyon Junction where Zion Mt. Carmel Hwy and Zion Canyon Road intersect. This is considered an easy trail as it is paved. There are several good spots to stop and get off to take a short hike as well. You can either ride 3.4 miles round trip, or one-way 1.7 miles and catch the shuttle back from Watchman Campground to Canyon Junction.

Gooseberry Mesa Trail is another popular trail to ride. This trail is 10 miles start to finish and offers bikers an opportunity to bike freely without all the tourists and ATVS. The trailhead is located in Hurricane just off of Smithsonian Butte National Back Country Byway. This trail is for the more advanced and has its challenges. If you’re looking for something that will push you to test your balance, reaction time and strength, then this is the perfect ride for you.

Zion and Springdale have several mountain biking shops where you can rent bikes and get more information regarding trails that are bike friendly as well. Be sure to plan accordingly with weather and you will have an amazing time, definitely a memory for the books!