Hiking Angels Landing Video

Posted at May 7th, 2014
Posted by Zion Bumbleberry Hotel
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We found this amazing video of Angels Landing in Zion, one of the best hikes and most popular hikes in all of Zion. It is without a doubt one of our favorites as well. We love talking with our customers who are coming to stay, seeing what their plans are in the park.

Often they ask us our opinion on hiking Angels Landing and we quickly show them this video, after which they’re sold pretty quick. Some are worried about the ascent but most,¬†when they come know that to really experience all that is Zion, you’ve got to get off the road and up into the hills and canyons.

Angels Landing offers so much, the views atop it are unparalleled. You’ll have to earn it though as the ascent is grueling, but when you reach the top and sit down to take it all in, you’ll be so grateful you did.

The chains along the cliff edge offers a thrilling touch for those looking for a little bit of an adrenaline rush.

Angels Landing is one of our favorite hikes in all of Zion, and after watching this video you’ll know why.

Come to Zion, hike in Zion, and sleep at Bumbleberry!

New Life on the Farm

Posted at April 15th, 2014
Posted by BumbleBerry Inn
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With springtime comes the new batch of chickens. We have quite the assortment we are raising this year. We have Rhode Island reds to Polish hens. Hopefully we can keep the raccoons out this year. We will be picking up new ducklings this year to replace the old ducks that retired last year. We hope you will stop by and see this chicks and ducklings as they grow. New life on the farm is pretty awesome to watch. Only problem is like all new things they grow up way too fast.