If there’s one thing we love most about doing what we do, it’s seeing the faces of those who’ve come back to relax after their first day in the park. They come back with smiles across their faces that you couldn’t wipe off if you tried. Often they come back exhausted as well, because once you start exploring all that is Zion Canyon, you don’t want to stop. That’s what we love about being one of the best lodging spots in Zion National Park. That’s also what drew us to this video, because it begins to scratch the surface about what you’re in for when you visit here.

Beautiful Video of Zion

Zion First Timers

Even that video can’t even get close enough to doing it justice. Until you set your eyes on it for the first time (Zion first timers), you just can’t imagine how amazing it is. Pictures and videos attempt to showcase it, highlight it, but it’s similar to the first time you tried a real bumbleberry pie, we could explain it to you all day long, but nothings like the first time you bite into it (do you like our shameless pitch for our pies?).

That is truly the icing on the cake. You come to Zion expecting something and return back to your Zion hotel at Bumbleberry Inn, to eat some amazing pie and then relax in our hot tub before crashing for the night. We guarantee you it will be one of the best nights of sleep you’ve had in years. Something about a sensory overload that will just make you sleep like a child.

Come Soon, Come Often, Come to Zion – Stay in Zion

Our real mission is to make certain our guests leave infinitely happier than they came. That they came to understand why everyone has always raved about Zion Canyon. That they’ve been able to feel the water from Emerald Pools, or the breeze blowing over the top of Angels Landing. That’s what our mission is, to support people in their en-devours to drink in all that is Zion.  Then come back and relax and sleep like you’ve never slept before.

We found this amazing video of Angels Landing in Zion, one of the best hikes and most popular hikes in all of Zion. It is without a doubt one of our favorites as well. We love talking with our customers who are coming to stay, seeing what their plans are in the park.

Often they ask us our opinion on hiking Angels Landing and we quickly show them this video, after which they’re sold pretty quick. Some are worried about the ascent but most, when they come know that to really experience all that is Zion, you’ve got to get off the road and up into the hills and canyons.

Angels Landing offers so much, the views atop it are unparalleled. You’ll have to earn it though as the ascent is grueling, but when you reach the top and sit down to take it all in, you’ll be so grateful you did.

The chains along the cliff edge offers a thrilling touch for those looking for a little bit of an adrenaline rush.

Angels Landing is one of our favorite hikes in all of Zion, and after watching this video you’ll know why.

Come to Zion, hike in Zion, and sleep at Bumbleberry!