Have you hiked the Canyon Overlook trail in Zion? If your answers no then watch this video and make a goal to come see it for yourself. When looking for things in Zion to see, this would be pretty high on our list of amazing hikes and amazing views.

Reasons to Stay and Find Lodging in Springdale

If you’re coming to southern Utah and are looking for reasons to stick around, then the Canyon Overlook trail must be on your list. And there’s no better place to go afterwards than some of the finest lodging in Springdale at the Bumbleberry Inn. Hiking and exploring in this beautiful canyon offers some amazing memories that you won’t soon forget, coupling those with returning back to a clean and beautiful room to stay in only adds to the experience.

Come soon. Come often.

While there may be some good reasons why you want to solo hike in Zion, there are also some things which can make the adventure not so great, or some things which could get you into trouble.

Especially in a place like southern Utah and specifically Zion National Park. Below are few tips that you may find useful when you decide to go for a hike alone.

solo hiking in Zion

  1. Inform your family of your decision to solo hike. Let them know when and where you will be heading to. Leave your travel itinerary to any responsible adult in your home; someone who should know how to analyze when you might need help, and that search and rescue operation should be sent to your way. You can anticipate that scenario, and it is best that you create a trail wherever to wherever you’re going so they know.
  2. If you choose to hike in remote areas, make known of your intention to solo hike by registering a permit. Check out for some advisory if there is any.
  3. Be affable and civilized when you come across other people. Do not fake your being friendly as people can easily sense whether you are telling the truth or not.
  4. If you think something is off and might go wrong, don’t hesitate to inform the tourism office and the park rangers and to get assistance.

What are the essentials that you need to bring if you are solo hiking?

1. First Aid Kit

In case of accidents like cuts and burns among others, you need to have a first aid kit to treat your injury. Your first aid could include alcohol, medicines, bandages, pain killers and antibiotics among many others.

2. Food and water requirements

Make sure to bring food and water suitable for your needs, considering the number of days that the hike takes to complete. Make sure that you bring a little more than enough than what you actually need for the number of days that you plan to hike.

3. Bring some clothes and extra pair of slippers

You will have to bring some clothes and slippers so you could change your clothes when the need arises.

4. Mobile Phone (one that is fully charged)

This is important so you could inform your family in case something happens to you, somehow they will know where to find you. Or you may also make use of a tracking device where you can inform your family where you are and allow you to send messages in case you are in trouble.

5. Always waterproof your belongings

Try putting your belongings in a water proof container to prevent from getting wet.

Solo Hiking in Zion and Elsewhere Conclusion

If you’re inexperienced and it’s your first time solo hiking, then be careful. Make certain you familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of hiking before you actually go on hiking on your own. Having someone to talk to during the hike is nice; you can discuss any matter that will make the hike more fun.

When you’ve decided it’s time to come see for yourself what everyone’s been talking about, this is what will greet you.

We find it amusing sometimes to see people pulled off to the side of the road taking road shots of Zion in the distance, after seeing this photo we’ll never be amused again. As this image illustrates the beautiful drive that awaits people when they are nearing Zion National Parks entrance. And this photographer captured it in a way we never could.

We found this photo quite stunning of a waterfall in Zion National Park. The variety with which what this canyon offers people is just amazing. One second you’ll be standing on top of the world at Angels Landing, and the next you’ll be standing next to a cascading waterfall dropping from hundreds of feet above you.

Zion is just a wonderful place to come, stay, and see. This photo stands as proof of that.