Nature can be one of the most beneficial things for a persons mental health. With cities growing and becoming more industrialized, it can be more and more difficult to reconnect with nature and get some much needed fresh air. Here are some of the benefits a person can get from just getting outdoor once in a while.

Physical Health


Obviously exercise is one of the main benefits you will get from getting outside and enjoying nature. Even a short light walk has plenty of benefits, no one is saying you need to go hike Angels Landing to reap the physical benefits of getting outdoors.

Reduced Inflammation

There has been studies that show that those who get outside more often tend to have lower risk for inflammatory diseases such as IBS. Inflammation isn’t always a bad thing, our body does it to protect us, but when it goes into over drive it can cause some pretty severe issues.

Walking & Relax
Photo Credit: Giorgio Martini on flickr

Better Eyesight

Most studies for this have been done with children mainly, but it showed us that outdoor activities can have a protective benefit for their vision. Another study shows that for those who work on computers all day, outdoor activity where they are focusing on things that aren’t two feet in front of their face can prevent and in some cases reverse the side effects of CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome).

Mental Health

Stress Relief

Several studies show that a two night stay in the forrest can reduce cortisol levels immensely. Cortisol is the hormone that is main-linked to stress. Another study shows that even having an office view of nature can reduce stress levels.

Improved Concentration

There have been several studies showing that a short time spent in nature can boost someones concentration levels pretty high. Some researches have found that even children with ADHD have shown higher levels of concentration after just a 20 minute nature walk.

All Around Better Mental Health

Depression, anxiety and stress can all be easily reduced by getting outdoors more and enjoying some fresh air!

Zion National Park is a very popular tourist destination in Utah. Tourists from all over the world travel here to see the fantastic views and experience some of the most magnificent hiking in the world! The warmer seasons such as spring and summer are the more popular times of the year to visit due to the weather. However, many people fail to realize that one of the most magical times of the year to visit the park.

Watchman winter sunset
Photo Credit: Tim on flickr

Winter In Zion

Though there are chances that hikes and roads may be closed at times due to weather, it is not uncommon for the weather to be quite mild during winter in Zion. Due to its location in southern Utah, Zion is considered desert climate, with occasional snow fall during the winter. Thankfully snow rarely falls and sticks in Southern Utah, making hiking and sight seeing just as enjoyable as during the warmer months.

It can even be more of an adventure if you dare to take on hikes such as Angels Landing! This is because of the rewarding and spectacular view you will get from atop the peak. With the snow contrasting hard against the red cliffs that surround Zion, it can be quite the view to take in. One that is beyond breathtaking.

There are many other activities to do while is Zion during the winter as well. Such as scenic drives, cross country skiing, backpacking and more! There really is no bad time of the year to visit Zion.