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Design Plans for the New Bumbleberry Building

We are happy to report that our design plans for the new Bumbleberry Building were approved on March 17th by the Springdale Planning Commission.  While the spirit and essence of Bumbleberry remains unchanged, the building is getting a modern update, with more windows, a different roof line, wood features, and enhanced with natural stone from the area. […]


With the rebuilding of our restaurant, gift shop, bakery and theater building (which burned down in November 2020), we’ve had a moment to pause and look back over the 49 years our family has owned Bumbleberry.  We are now in the third generation of our family-owned business, and Grandpa’s lessons still ring in our ears.  Creating a […]

About Bumbleberry

About Bumbleberry Just outside of Zion National Park lies Springdale, Utah, a beautiful town with so much to see and do. Among the many exciting adventures in town is Bumbleberry Inn. Bumbleberry Inn is a multifaceted business. Rather than just providing rooms for guests, Bumbleberry Inn has four portions to their establishment. This creates a […]

Wildlife in Zion

In Zion National Park, there is a huge variety of wildlife to see. Whether visitors are in the canyons, walking the trails, or enjoying a picnic lunch at an overlook, there’s a good chance that they will run into at least one of Zion’s wild animals. The animals they see will fall into the category […]

What is a Bumbleberry?

While visiting Springdale, many people notice the sign that reads “World Famous Bumbleberry Pie.” Most visitors have never heard of a bumbleberry so, naturally, their interest is peaked. While those who don’t know what a bumbleberry is usually just want to know what they taste like, it’s important to know that there is so much […]


Hiking Water Treatment – Select the Best Water Treatment System

More people seem concerned with selecting the best hiking footwear than they are about choosing the best water treatment system. When selecting water treatment, there are several factors to be considered before making your final purchase. You need to take into account the different sizes, treatment time and weight, and some of the more difficult […]