The Basics of Hydration While Hiking in Zion

When hiking anywhere, especially in an arid place like Zion National Park, the importance of fluids or liquids in the body should not be underestimated. Our body is like a vehicle that needs fluids in order to function efficiently. The state of losing fluids is known as dehydration and the only way to replenish the loss is through hydration.

The Importance of Keeping Your Body Well Hydrated in Zion

  • Enables you to set out faster and farther
  • Enhances your body to work harder resulting to more calories burned
  • Feel better and stay cooler
  • Fuels the body with more endurance, power and energy.
  • Recover in real time so you can repeat the process all over again.

Symptoms of Dehydration

Dehydration starts when there is a feeling of excessive thirst. If this condition persists, it will continue to manifest signs that water percentage in your body is getting low. Decrease in energy and dry mouth are the early signs which can quickly result in headaches, nausea and cramps if not quickly attended to.

Keep your Body from Dehydration

A glass of water is a the best treatment to this unpleasant condition. The following tips are recommended by experts to ensure that your body is well hydrated:

  • Constantly drink fluids rather than seldom but quickly sipping them.
  • Drink fluids as early as 2 hours before exercising.
  • Use energy drinks to easily help restore electrolytes and carbohydrates.
  • Drink water after doing your workouts to help recover the water loss in your back and keeps its level back to normal.
  • Hydrate as quickly as possible if clear signs of dehydration manifest such as urine color changes to darker shade and in lesser volume.
  • Eventually, ensure that fluid is closer at your hand. If you are on a distant hike like in the back-country of Zion, make sure that you can restore the water loss instantly. Check for various hydration systems on how to easily carry your bottles to keep you hydrated.

When Can Over-hydration Occur?

Too much of anything can bring a negative result. Hyponatremia is the opposite of dehydration or over-hydration. This is a rare case which mostly strikes the athlete’s endurance like triathletes and marathon runners. This condition is also described when the levels of sodium in the blood gets diluted that impairs the function of cells. Severe condition may result to coma or even death.

Best Weapon Against this Dilution

Follow the below tips to keep your body always well hydrated.

  • Maintain the balance of salt levels in your body by drinking sports drink with electrolytes rather than plain water or take salty snacks like pretzels.
  • Replenish water while exercising so that you don’t have to take much of it.
  • Try not to sip fluid more than what is loss.
  • The level of water intake can be tested by weighing yourself before and after an extreme body workout. Remember that you should weigh almost the same. You are most likely drinking too much water if you gained weight after your physical activity.


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