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With the rebuilding of our restaurant, gift shop, bakery and theater building (which burned down in November 2020), we’ve had a moment to pause and look back over the 49 years our family has owned Bumbleberry.  We are now in the third generation of our family-owned business, and Grandpa’s lessons still ring in our ears.  Creating a memorable experience that visitors share with their friends and family has always been one of our top priorities.  The impact we’ve had on our guests over these last 49 years was especially felt when so many people reached out with their condolences, and took the time to share what our business and family has meant to them over the years: anniversaries remembered, proposals celebrated, first dates, memories of family trips, and traditions of Bumbleberry Pie after a day hiking in Zion.  As we begin the rebuilding process, we feel the weight to honor what has come before us, retain what people loved about Bumbleberry, and utilize the opportunities that come when starting with a blank slate.

We anticipate presenting our plans to the Springdale Planning Commission on March 17th, and if approved, will share the designs and floor plans shortly thereafter.  We appreciate everyone’s support as our family moves through the rebuilding stages.  We are so excited to share our plans, both remembering our past 49 years, and looking forward to decades more.

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