Starting April 1st, 2022 the popular Angels Landing hike will move to a permit system. So what does that mean for visitors?

The first important thing to know about this change is that it ONLY IMPACT THE CHAINS PORTION OF THE ANGELS LANDING HIKE. Those hiking from the Grotto to Scout Lookout DO NOT need a permit, as this portion of the trail is shared with the West Rim Trail.

The second thing to know is there is a SEASONAL & DAY-BEFORE LOTTERY. For the Seasonal Lottery, applicants can pick seven ranked days or date ranges, and corresponding time frames they want to hike. The time frames available are Before 9AM, Between 9AM and 12PM, and After 12PM. The chart below shows the application windows and notification times.


Note: It costs $6 to apply for a seasonal permit. This fee is non-refundable.

All applicants will receive an email either confirming they have been selected and charged $3 for each registered person, OR they did not get selected and can try for a Day-Before permit.

The Day-Before lottery is open from 12:01am to 3:00pm, Mountain Time, on the day before the permit can be used. All applicants will be emailed at 4:00pm, Mountain Time, either confirming they have been selected and charged $3 for each registered person, OR they did not get selected.

The third thing to know is THE FINE PRINT. Cancellations for Seasonal Lottery Permits are allowed up to two days before for a refund of the $3 per person fee. The $6 application fee is non-refundable. There are no refunds available for Day-Before Permits. Permits are NON-TRANSFERABLE. This includes changing the permittee or changing the alternative leader.

Finally, this is a pilot system and is subject to changes and adjustments. Always check with the National Park Service website for the most up to date information.

Want to hike Angels Landing without needing a permit?

You have until March 31st, 2022 – so clear your calendar and make your lodging reservations. For our best availability call our front desk at 435-772-3224.

We are happy to report that our design plans for the new Bumbleberry Building were approved on March 17th by the Springdale Planning Commission.  While the spirit and essence of Bumbleberry remains unchanged, the building is getting a modern update, with more windows, a different roof line, wood features, and enhanced with natural stone from the area. The entrances will be more traditional and ties in with our Inn building.  The building itself will be set back further from the road, creating a large plaza and gathering area. Inside, the gift shop will return with a tongue and grove ceiling, exposed beams, and an open feel.  The Bumbleberry Bakery will be moved to the front of the building, and have a stronger presence.  We will be keeping all the treats that our visitors have come to crave over the years, and plan on adding a few more surprises with the expansion.  One thing that isn’t changing is the pie.  It will continue to be the same recipe, the same process, and the same delicious taste. The restaurant space will return, with a bigger focus on outdoor seating.  With one of the best locations in all of Springdale, the views from the outdoor patio will impress, no matter what direction is being viewed.  Finally, there are big plans for the Bumbleberry Theater, including a variety of entertainment options throughout the season, and the ability to slide back the tiered seats and create a dining or conference space.  We are so excited to finally be able to share our plans for the new building and move forward with the next steps of the rebuild process.