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Family Tradition Bumbleberry Inn Zions

With the rebuilding of our restaurant, gift shop, bakery and theater building (which burned down in November 2020), we’ve had a moment to pause and look back over the 49 years our family has owned Bumbleberry.  We are now in the third generation of our family-owned business, and Grandpa’s lessons still ring in our ears.  Creating a memorable experience that visitors share with their friends and family has always been one of our top priorities.  The impact we’ve had on our guests over these last 49 years was especially felt when so many people reached out with their condolences, and took the time to share what our business and family has meant to them over the years: anniversaries remembered, proposals celebrated, first dates, memories of family trips, and traditions of Bumbleberry Pie after a day hiking in Zion.  As we begin the rebuilding process, we feel the weight to honor what has come before us, retain what people loved about Bumbleberry, and utilize the opportunities that come when starting with a blank slate.

We anticipate presenting our plans to the Springdale Planning Commission on March 17th, and if approved, will share the designs and floor plans shortly thereafter.  We appreciate everyone’s support as our family moves through the rebuilding stages.  We are so excited to share our plans, both remembering our past 49 years, and looking forward to decades more.

Kolob in winter

Winter in Zion

Zion National Park is growing in visitation each year thanks to the internet and everyone telling their friends how beautiful it is. This is great because more people are able to experience the majesty that the mountains have to offer. Unfortunately, all those people can disrupt the chance to connect with nature and take in the fullness of it. The off-season provides a solution to this, allowing travelers everywhere the opportunity to better their trips.

Reasons to visit Zion in the winter infographic

Less Crowds

Traveling in the winter time is not the first option that comes to mind for most. Whether it be because of work, school or even because of the temperature, most people don’t travel during the winter. Instead of fighting for views of the park with large crowds, you can spend quality, stress free time with your family while enjoying the park with less crowds.

Cooler Weather

Though there are chances that hikes and roads may be closed at times due to weather, the off-season should be a major consideration for a vacation to Zion because the winters are normally very mild. Due to its location in southern Utah, Zion is considered desert climate, with only occasional snow fall during the winter, unlike the majority of Utah. And even if it does snow in Zion, it rarely actually sticks.

Zion in winter

Photo Credit: Tim on flickr

Winter temperatures normally average around 53 degrees, making hiking and sight seeing just as enjoyable during the warmer months, if not more-so. Although there are some safety precautions to take during winter and you may need a coat, you can still get out and enjoy some of the hikes that the park has to offer!

Places like Emerald Pools and Weeping Rock are easy enough and definitely worth the effort to see them in winter. The water flow is usually fairly substantial as well, so the waterfalls are often still flowing strong. It can even be more of an adventure if you dare to take on hikes such as Angels Landing! This is because of the rewarding and spectacular view you will get from atop the peak. With the snow contrasting hard against the red cliffs that surround Zion, it can be quite the view to take in. One that is beyond breathtaking.


Hotels close to Zion normally drop their prices in the winter too because there isn’t such demand for rooms. Instead of paying $180 per night for your stay, you can save some big bucks with rates averaging at just $100 per night. This is ideal for those who may be traveling on a budget or for those who would be interested in spending those savings on other memorable activities. Even the shops in Springdale, located just outside the park, have savings during the holiday season!

Zion in winter


You can often find that the wildlife in Zion enjoys coming out and roaming around more often during the winter months. This is largely due to the absence of the noise that comes with large crowds during the more popular months.

Zion National Park

Photo Credit: wildjob on flickr

Scenic Drive

During the busy season, the scenic drive in Zion Canyon is shut down to personal vehicles because of the shuttle that runs inside the park. The shuttle shuts down during the off-season and this allows people drive their own cars up the canyon. The scenery changes drastically in the winter time and is gorgeously complimented by the red rocks.

Another of our favorite scenic drives is a bit further than the main part of Zion, but still wildly beautiful part of the park called Kolob Canyon. The views just off of the road are expansive an inspiring. And if you are looking into seeing Zion with a bit of snow on it, then there are few better spots to see it at than Kolob Canyon. It sits just off of I – 15 near St George, and if you’re in a hurry you could probably drive up and down it in 20 minutes or so. They do plow the roads, but they can still be quite slick right after a storm, but don’t let that stop you as most cars should be able to handle it just fine.

Kolob Canyon in Winter

Whether you stay in Zion Canyon, take the scenic route in Kolob Canyon, or both, the drama of the white snow in contrast with the shockingly red canyons makes for one beautiful scene.

Other Winter Activities

There are many other activities to do while is Zion during the winter as well. Enjoy a day hiking, cross-country skiing, backpacking, and exploring Zion Canyon before winding down with dining at local restaurants in Springdale in the afternoon. Then sit back and relax in a hot tub at the resort or enjoy a night out on the town!

During this time of year Springdale, widely known as “The Gateway To Zion”, holds many amazing concerts, shows, events, and more. If you plan your trip right, you can enjoy all the festivities during the Christmas and New Year holidays in Springdale. Their annual events are beyond fun and exciting and give you and your family the perfect opportunity to meet people from all around the world!

While there is really no bad time of the year to visit Zion, if you do choose to visit during the winter months you are sure to have an experience of Zion that many don’t get the opportunity to enjoy. So start planning your winter vacation now and make sure to book with Bumbleberry Inn to enjoy a beautiful, fun, family-friendly stay!

About Bumbleberry
Just outside of Zion National Park lies Springdale, Utah, a beautiful town with so much to see and do. Among the many exciting adventures in town is Bumbleberry Inn.
Bumbleberry Inn is a multifaceted business. Rather than just providing rooms for guests, Bumbleberry Inn has four portions to their establishment. This creates a fabulous atmosphere for visitors and gives guests a chance to fill their nights with excitement without having to drive all around town.
Bumbleberry Inn features a hotel, restaurant, theater, and gift shop. Each business within Bumbleberry Inn helps to give visitors a fun and exciting stay in Springdale. Whether guests are relaxing in a luxurious room, enjoying a delicious meal, taking in a show, or souvenir shopping, Bumbleberry Inn will be the highlight of a trip to Springdale.
Bumbleberry Inn
As the name suggests, Bumbleberry Inn has lodging for those traveling to the Springdale area. The inn portion of Bumbleberry Inn offers guests many different room choices in a comfortable atmosphere. Each room is equipped with amenities such as a television, internet, phone, microwave, coffee maker, and refrigerator. These features make staying at Bumbleberry Inn, even for extended periods, feel like a home away from home. For guests looking for a place to stay in Springdale, the many different rooms at Bumbleberry Inn are a terrific choice.
Types of Rooms
From small rooms, perfect for couples, to larger rooms to accommodate small groups, Bumbleberry Inn has the perfect room for every traveler. Though these rooms have many differences, they are all clean and comfortable to make every stay a luxurious one.

Single King or Queen
A single king or queen room features one comfortable bed, a clean bathroom, and all the extra amenities mentioned above. Choosing these rooms will give guests a private patio or a balcony overlooking the mountains. These rooms also include a table and two chairs for enjoying meals or relaxing.
Single queen rooms are the smallest room choice at Bumbleberry Inn. They are about 270sqft, but this size is perfect for those who don’t need a lot of space and like to travel in a budget-conscious manner. For slightly large groups, Bumbleberry Inn also has a two-queen room with the same features as a single queen.
Single king rooms boast a 500sqft floorplan. These rooms are ideal for single travelers, couples, or small families who like to have some extra space during their stay. The single king room is also great for those who will be staying for an extended time since it is spacious and accommodating.
Deluxe King or Queen
Guests can also book a deluxe single king or deluxe double queen room. These rooms include all the amenities of the single rooms, but in a more luxurious setting. These rooms are around 500sqft and offer a tub and shower combination rather than just a shower. The vanity is located outside of the bathroom, making it easier for multiple guests to get ready for the day at the same time.
Deluxe king rooms are in the newest addition of Bumbleberry Inn, which was built in late 2017. These rooms have beautiful updated décor, incredible views of the outdoors, and there are even some wheelchair accessible deluxe king rooms available for those who need them.
eat in zion
Wild Cat Willy’s Grill Saloon
For a special treat, guests can visit Bumbleberry Inn’s onsite restaurant, Wild Cat Willy’s. This casual restaurant has a southwest feel and a long list of delicious menu items. This cowboy-worthy restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so guests can stop in to fill up for a day of adventure or to recharge after a long day in the park.
Popular Menu Options
With a huge variety of menu options to choose from, guests can find the perfect meal all day long. Whether they would like to enjoy a familiar favorite or try a new dish, Wild Cat Willy’s at Bumbleberry Inn has the menu visitors are looking for.
Start the day off right with a delicious breakfast at Wild Cat Willies. Guest can enjoy classics like steak and eggs, hash browns, breakfast meats, and many other filling breakfast foods.
Refuel with a protein-packed lunch at Wildcat Willies. Visitors can enjoy one of many burgers, traditional BBQ, sandwiches, and sides like fries and onion rings.Dinner
The dinner options at Wildcat Willies are unlike any other in the Springdale area. Huge, juicy steaks, chicken fried steak, meatloaf, and tons of delicious sides are included in the dinner menu.Saloon
A full-service saloon is offered at Wildcat Willies. Visitors can spend their evening chatting with friends, watching the big screen plasma TVs, and planning their next day of adventure over a few drinks.

Bumbleberry Theater
For a break from the outdoor adventure, guests can visit the Bumbleberry Theater at Bumbleberry Inn. Throughout the year, talented musicians, actors, and other performers grace the stage at this intimate and inviting theater. The shows at Bumbleberry Theater range from concerts to plays and everything in between. There are many family-friendly shows, and some that are best suited for adult audiences. No matter what’s playing, a night at Bumbleberry Theater is a great addition to any Zion vacation.

Shows at the Bumbleberry Theater
The large variety of performances at Bumbleberry Theater make it possible for every visitor to enjoy a show in Springdale. A night at Bumbleberry Theater will be one of the many highlights during a Zion trip.

Bumbleberry Theater has hosted many family-friendly musicals in the past. These musicals give the whole family a chance to get out, enjoy the Springdale nightlife, and take a break from strenuous outdoor activities. Audiences will join in on the music and have an unforgettable night while taking in a show at Bumbleberry Theater.

From improv shows to stand up acts, the stars on the Bumbleberry stage have audiences rolling with laughter. While some comedy shows are family-friendly, others are best for mature audiences. This gives visitors a chance to get out and have some adult fun during their trip.

Musical Performances
Music artists are some of the most popular acts at Bumbleberry Theater. Recently, the popular group Joshua Creek performed their Christmas special on the Bumbleberry stage. Other local and nationally known music artists take the stage to delight audiences with a night full of music they will never forget.

Bumbleberry Gifts
Vacation destinations often lack great places to shop. With Bumbleberry Gifts, guests don’t have to worry about not being able to shop for necessities or souvenirs. This onsite gift shop offers more than just convenience items and souvenirs. The items sold here help visitors to be more prepared for their outdoor adventures, can make their stay at Bumbleberry or other accommodations more comfortable, and will give them an opportunity to bring a little piece of Utah back home with them.

Available Items
This convenient shop will be every Springdale guest’s go-to stop for all their personal, gift, and outdoor needs. The following are just a few examples of the items they carry.

Food Items
It’s nearly impossible to leave Bumbleberry Inn without trying a piece of bumbleberry pie. For many guests, it is the first and only time they will get to experience this incredible dessert. There is no way to describe the unique taste of this special pie, so visitors should be sure to stop in to experience what is so amazing about bumbleberry pie.

Though it would be difficult to bring bumbleberry pie home from a trip to Springdale, they have plenty of delicious treats that can be taken home. Bumbleberry jams, syrups, and more can be bought in Bumbleberry Gifts or purchased online. They also have treats like prickly pear jelly and syrup, chocolate covered candies, fudge, and a huge selection of ice cream flavors.

Souvenirs and Gifts
When guests are looking for something to bring home to loved ones from Springdale, Bumbleberry Gifts is a one-stop shop. They have funny novelty items, locally crafted goods, and so much more. There is something for absolutely everyone at Bumbleberry Gifts.

Outdoor Supplies
Visitors who forget an important piece of equipment at home or need to replace a piece of gear during their trip will be eternally grateful for Bumbleberry Gifts. This gift shop has a huge selection of outdoor equipment, from boots to packs and everything in between, Bumbleberry Gifts has it all. One stop into this terrific shop will provide everything someone visiting Springdale could possibly need.

Visit Bumbleberry Inn in Springdale
While it is hard to compete with the excitement of Zion National Park, Bumbleberry Inn certainly gives the park a run for its money. With its hotel, restaurant, theater, and gift shop, there is always something to explore on the Bumbleberry Inn grounds. Guests who choose to stay at this magnificent business in Springdale will not believe how fun and convenient having all these amazing places rolled into one place can be. Whether planning an extended stay or just passing through, everyone who has the pleasure of being near Springdale should be sure to stop in and experience all that Bumbleberry Inn has to offer.

In Zion National Park, there is a huge variety of wildlife to see. Whether visitors are in the canyons, walking the trails, or enjoying a picnic lunch at an overlook, there’s a good chance that they will run into at least one of Zion’s wild animals. The animals they see will fall into the category of mammal, bird, or reptile and amphibian. Every animal from these diverse groups has its own special characteristics which set it apart from the others and make it a joy to see in its natural habitat. No matter which types of wildlife visitors see in Zion, it will be an experience they never forget.


There are many different types of mammals that call Zion National Park home. These animals may live in the trees, on the cliff sides, or in the canyons. Some are cute, some are dangerous, but all are magnificent in their own way. The following animals are some of the most commonly seen in Zion National Park.

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Perhaps the most visible mammal in the park, Desert Bighorn sheep, were reintroduced into the park in 1978. The reintroduction did not seem to be working in the early years as 14 sheep were brought in. Today there is thought to be over 450 sheep living and thriving in Zion. You can most likely catch a glimpse of them between the east entrance and the Zion Mt-Carmel tunnel

Mountain Lion

Known by many names, such as a cougar, puma, or panther, the mountain lion is one of the largest species of animals to call Zion home. They usually live in higher elevation in the Zion backcountry, but they travel across the landscape in search of food. Mountain lions take down large mule deer and bighorn sheep, which means they can easily injure a human if provoked. It is best to keep a safe distance and park rangers ask that all sightings of mountain lions are promptly reported.

Mountain Lion

Male mountain lion perched on rock

Mule Deer 

These large, fawn-colored deer are unique from the other types of deer across the country. Mule deer have a large pair of ears, which set them apart from other deer and helps them to stay cool during the hot summer days in Zion. The males sport large antlers on their heads which they use to fight other mule deer for dominance and mating rights. They can be seen throughout the park while grazing in grassy fields, especially during the cooler hours of the day.

Ringtail Cat 

This fluffy relative of the raccoon can be found all over the park, but they are rarely seen. Ringtail cats are sneaky and nocturnal, so they only emerge once the sun has gone down. Visitors who are out after dark may see their two glowing eyes as they dart away in fear or may catch their fluffy, striped tail as they run behind a rock.

Other Mammals

Rock Squirrel
Gray Fox


People have been amazed and enamored by birds since the beginning of time. Their ability to soar through the clouds, swoop at dizzying speeds, and build their homes using what the land provides them truly is captivating. While birds can be found everywhere in the world, Zion is home to some of the most impressive and unique species of birds. Guests who come to Zion to birdwatch, and those who just happen to encounter birds during their daily travels, will never forget the magical experience the birds of Zion have given them.

Peregrine Falcon 

This magnificent bird can be identified by its tan, speckled underside and its dark wings. It is the fastest bird in the world, reaching speeds of up to 200 miles per hour as it swoops to catch its prey. Peregrine falcons can be seen swooping high overhead throughout Zion. Since they nest high on the cliff sides, most visitors will not catch a glimpse of them while they rest, but they are just as fascinating to see while they are on the move.

California Condor 

The California condor became extinct in the wild in 1987. They species was teetering on the edge of extinction until a captive breeding program was started to protect them and encourage populations in the wild. The species has since been reintroduced to northern Arizona and southern California.

The California condor is a very large bird, weighing up to 20 pounds and with a wingspan of up to nine feet. They are regularly seen near Angels Landing and Lava Point. They are naturally attracted to human activity, but visitors are reminded not to approach any wildlife and to report California condors that are approaching humans.

California Condor

The California condor is a New World vulture, the largest North American land bird

Mexican Spotted Owl 

This threatened species has found a sanctuary in Zion. They thrive in the deep, cool, narrow slot canyons that have been carved through Zion over millions of years. The mottled brown and white feathers of a grown Mexican spotted owl allows it to camouflage itself in the forests and rocks of Zion. They emerge at night to hunt for small rodents, which makes them less likely to be seen, but some lucky guests may get a glimpse of a Mexican spotted owl during a trip to Zion.

Other Birds

Bald Eagle
Common Raven
Cooper’s Hawk
Black Throated Sparrow
Steller’s Jay

Reptiles and Amphibians

They slither, they crawl, and they hop out of sight; reptiles and amphibians are some of the least considered, but most amazing, species that live in Zion National Park. Many reptiles thrive in hot, dry temperatures while amphibians prefer cool, moist, and dark places, which means that the varying landscape in Zion makes the perfect home for both types of animals. Guests who hike across the red rock or explore the slot canyons are likely to encounter some of the following reptiles and amphibians.

Western Rattlesnake 

The western rattlesnake is the only known venomous snake in Zion. It ranges in color from brown to gray and has hexagonal patterns running down its back. The first sign many people have that they have encountered this snake is its distinct rattling sound made by its tail. These snakes may be seen sunbathing on the red rocks or stalking prey across the landscape. If seen, it is best to give these snakes plenty of space to avoid making them feel threatened.

Common Chuckwalla 

This reptile has a look just as unique as its name. The common chuckwalla is a type of large lizard that lives along the rocks of Zion. They can grow up to eight inches and have flat bodies with skin folds on their neck and sides. They prey on small bugs and can be seen scurrying across the grounds or up large rocks.

Desert Tortoise 

Seeing a desert tortoise while in Zion is a real treat. There is something special about an animal that moves so slowly but is still able to live for an incredibly long time. While sightings aren’t common, visitors may see a desert tortoise making its way across the desert at any time of day. They can be identified by their large, domed shell with deep and distinct growth lines.
Desert Tortoise

Other Reptiles and Amphibians

How to Safely Observe Zion Wildlife

To protect the safety of guests and Zion wildlife, it is important to follow a few rules when visiting the park. Guests who do not follow these rules run the risk of injuring themselves or the wild animals that so many people try so hard to protect. If caught interacting with wildlife, visitors may be asked to leave the park, or worse, could be fined or criminally charged depending on the seriousness of their interference. The following rules are easy to adhere to and will help ensure that animals and visitors will be safe and happy in Zion.

Keep a Wide Distance 

There is an old saying that states, “a cornered cat becomes as fierce as a lion.” This is true for most animals, not just cats. Whenever an animal is not given the proper space in its natural habitat, it will go to extreme measures to protect itself, its home, and any offspring it may be caring for. Even the smallest, cutest animals can turn into violent creatures. To make sure wildlife stays comfortable and guests stay safe, it is important to leave plenty of room for animals. When taking a picture, use the zoom setting rather than impeding on the animal’s space, and always back away slowly to avoid startling the animal.

Never Feed Wildlife 

Though it may be cute to see a squirrel running around with a sandwich crust or birds fighting over cookie crumbs, feeding wildlife can be detrimental to every animal species and their environment. Wild animals are used to eating what nature provides, so when humans start feeding them, they lose the instinct that tells them to fear humans as well as their instinct to find their own food. This leaves them reliant on people for survival and provides them with food that is not healthy for them. Rather than feeding wildlife, it is best to observe animals in their natural habitat and watch them forage for food that is provided for them by the land.

Report Sightings of Dangerous Animals

Though it’s rare to encounter a bear, mountain lion, venomous snake, or other dangerous creatures, there is always a possibility that an encounter could happen. When this happens, visitors should contact park officials to let them know what animal they saw and where they saw it. This allows rangers to keep track of dangerous species, make sure they are not moving into populated areas, and keep visitors and the animals safe.

Butterfly in Zion

See the Untamed Wilderness of Zion

Many people explore the outdoors just to get a chance to see the many diverse creatures that live along the landscape. However, even those who are out to hike, climb, or bike across the countryside may be lucky enough to encounter one, or many, different animals during their journeys. Keeping an eye out for the incredible mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians that call Zion National Park home will make a trip to the park even more interesting and exciting.

While visiting Springdale, many people notice the sign that reads “World Famous Bumbleberry Pie.” Most visitors have never heard of a bumbleberry so, naturally, their interest is peaked. While those who don’t know what a bumbleberry is usually just want to know what they taste like, it’s important to know that there is so much more to bumbleberries than their taste. Bumbleberries have an incredible story, they can be made into a variety of delicious treats, and they are just one of the many unique items at bumbleberry gifts. Between exploring the town of Springdale and hiking through Zion National Park, visitors should make time to visit Bumbleberry Gifts and treat themselves to a sweet slice of bumbleberry pie or one of Bumbleberry Gifts many other delightful desserts.

The Legend of the Bumbleberry

The elusive taste of bumbleberry has a story all its own. It is created by perfectly blending burple and binkle berries together. These delicious, juicy, and rare berries grow and ripen on a giggle bush. For those who have never heard of a giggle bush, it is no wonder, as these bushes only sprout in the most special of places. A giggle bush begins to quake, little by little, as the burple and binkle berries begin to ripen. At the exact moment that these berries ripen, they let out a little giggle. On a sunny summer day, the giggle bushes shake for hours and, if it’s quiet enough, berries can be heard giggling uncontrollably.

When these berries begin to ripen, and they prepare to let out their signature giggle, they go from a tart green berry to a juicy, ripe purple color. Once the berry is plump, juicy, and ripened to perfection, it will let out one sweet giggle. Legend has it that, if someone were to eat one of these berries at the precise moment that it ripens, they would spend the rest of their life giggling.

Now, whether binkle berries, burple berries, or giggle bushes truly exist may be difficult to believe. Not many people have heard a plant laugh, after all. However, the incredible taste of bumbleberry pie, jam, and other products will have people less concerned about whether the legend of the bumbleberry is true, and more concerned with how they can get their hands on more bumbleberry treats.

How to Eat Bumbleberries

As if the unique story of the bumbleberry wasn’t enough to set it apart from all the other berries, the bumbleberry has an unbelievable variety of uses. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what bumbleberries can be put into.

Though they are delicious picked straight from the giggle bush, there are many different products that can be made from binkle and burple berries. From a sandwich spread to a refreshing drink, bumbleberry treats make meals, and life in general, the best they can be.

The most comforting and delicious thing that can fit on a pantry shelf is, of course, jam. While strawberry, blackberry, and grape jellies are nice, they just can’t compete with the taste of bumbleberry jam. Slathering this ooey-gooey spread on bread, croissants, bagels, waffles or anything else imaginable, will turn an ordinary meal into something extraordinary.

When buying bumbleberry jam, it is a good idea to buy it by the case. Once one jar is gone, the craving for bumbleberry jam will never go away.

Fresh out of the oven, cooling on a window sill, served with a scoop of ice cream; just thinking of pie triggers a hunger that can only be satiated by a generous slice of fruity, flaky goodness. The indescribably delicious flavor of a pie made with bumbleberries is so much more incredible than any other pie. Even people who are not self-proclaimed pie enthusiasts will rave about the amazing taste of a bumbleberry pie, served a la mode, of course.

Visitors can pick up a slice of bumbleberry pie, warm and served with ice cream, at Bumbleberry Gifts. The chance to enjoy a slice of this delicious dessert is worth the trip to Springdale.

Once a treat reserved for fancy afternoon teas, scones can now be enjoyed by anyone willing to put in the work to make them. At the Bumbleberry Gifts, there is an incredible scone mix that makes serving up delicious bumbleberry scones quick and easy. Simply mix up a batch of dough using the bumbleberry scone mix, bake them in the oven, and impress everyone with the exceptional taste of bumbleberries.

Pouches of scone mix can be purchased in-store or online. The easy recipe makes whipping up a batch of fresh, filling scones as simple as can be.

Bumbleberry flavor kicks the refreshing taste of lemonade up a notch. With a lemonade mix available at Bumbleberry Gifts, a small glass or a whole batch of bumbleberry lemonade can be created. The remarkable flavors of bumbleberry combined with lemons create a delicious drink that will help keep cool on the hottest of days.

A perfectly crafted pouch of bumbleberry lemonade can be purchased online or in store. They come in single serve packs and larger pouches so that bigger batches can be made. The refreshing taste of bumbleberry lemonade makes summer taste a whole lot cooler.

Other Peculiar Products at Bumbleberry Gifts

Bumbleberry Gifts has a lot more to offer than just bumbleberry products. Available online and in-store, there are dozens of other unique, delicious treats to choose from. Whether buying to share or to enjoy alone, each treat from Bumbleberry Gifts will transform every meal and snack.

Prickly Pear Syrup and Jelly
Though not as mysterious as the elusive b

inkle and burple berries, prickly pears are a unique treat that many people have never tasted. A prickly pear is a type of cactus that grows in a paddle shape. It may grow in a small, sparse group or a large, abundant one. Many parts of the prickly pear cactus can be used in food items, but for prickly pear syrups, jellies, and other sweet items, it’s the fruit portion that gives these treats their unique taste.

Prickly pear syrup and jelly are often described as a cross between watermelon and bubblegum. This incredible flavor is the perfect addition to pancakes, croissants, toast, sandwiches, and any other meal that could use a bit of extra flavor and sweetness.

Novelty Candies
Bumbleberry Gifts has a variety of one of a kind candy treats that make the perfect souvenir or funny gift. They can be purchased in-store or online. The recipient of these candies will furrow their brow as they read the contents of the package. Gifts like Coyote Poop, Rattlesnake Eggs, Horny Toad Droppings, and many more will be a funny and surprising treat to receive. These gifts, of course, are not actually droppings from local wildlife. They are, rather, a variety of chocolate creations, like chocolate covered peanuts, raisins, and almonds. From the silly packaging to the delicious candy inside, these are guaranteed to elicit a smile from everyone who opens them.

Order Some Giggles from Bumbleberry Gifts

All the bumbleberry products listed above, and many more, can be purchased at Bumbleberry Gifts. For those who don’t plan to travel to Utah, these delicious treats can be purchased online. This means that no one will miss out on the undeniably delightful taste of the elusive, mysterious bumbleberry.

Guests can visit Bumbleberry Gifts to purchase bumbleberry favorites, as well as many other different food gifts. There is a variety of fudge, baked goods, and of course, warm bumbleberry pie with ice cream.

Many people find that once they get a taste of Bumbleberry Gifts’ delicious creations, they can’t get enough of them. To satisfy the cravings for these goods without having to schedule a vacation, many of Bumbleberry Gifts’ items are available in their online store. Their reasonable prices and flat rate shipping make getting the tastes of Utah fast, easy, and inexpensive.

Zion is full of amazing, fun hikes. It can be hard to choose which hikes to do. There are different hikes that seem to be at their “peak” at different times of the year. Since Spring is about here, we have decided to compile a list of our favorite Spring hikes.

Many Pools

If you get a chance to get up above Zion Mt. Caramel Tunnel, you can experience a pretty rad hike. As you hike onward you will see pools carved into the rock, depending on how early or late in the spring you decide to go, the pools could be frozen sold or not. Twisted ponderosa pines and juniper trees set a stunning backdrop for this hike.

The Narrows

This hike is best done from late spring through summer. This hike is located at the end of the shuttle line at the Temple of Sinawava. The cool thing about this hike is you can mke it as long or short as you’d like. Hike a little ways in, turn and go back, or hike the full trail. Heads up, you WILL get wet on this hike, so depending on how early or late in the spring you go, be sure you dress accordingly.

Angels Landing. Step of Faith.
Photo Credit: Edward Day on flickr

Angels Landing

Named one of the scariest and most dangerous hikes in the world, this hike takes you high up. Travel over narrow cliffs, narrow cliffsides and more. This hike is NOT for the faint of heart. It is one of the most strenuous hikes in Zion. However, the reward at the top is worth it all.


Zion National Park is popular for having some of the best places in hiking across the world. Inconceivable vistas are flanked by huge canyon walls. However, little is known of the unbelievable biking in Zion that is made available. As a matter of fact, great steps have been taken to ensure of the biking friendliness. One may take on several routes, I will however tell of the wonderful route that i experienced.

Zion’s Pa’Rus Trail

I embarked on the Zion’s route by biking just next to the park’s entrance at the Pa’Rus trail which goes right past the camping grounds. The Pa’Rus trail provides a great ride for anybody in spite of the skills in biking. You will ride along the Virgin River, crossing a number of bridges that gives an inspiring view of the stunning river below. It is just like a leisure ride and not steep where young ones can take on.

I particularly liked this part of the trail that I had even expected, the views, the bridges, meadows you ride through which all make up the unforgettable Zion’s experience.
Further riding up to the Pa’Rus trail will ultimately lead you beneath a bridge before climbing back to the main road at the end of the trail. It is at this point that you will need to make a decision; either to jump on the bus system and ride to the top or to take up the challenge of riding up through Zion. All the buses have got bike racks on them and you can therefore take the easy way out and ride on them.

Pa’rus Trail
Photo Credit: *Tim Grey on flickr

Riding up a Bike through Zion

In case you feel adventurous for just a little while and you would like to earn an adrenaline-charged ride down, ensure to take the somewhat harder route and ride your bike up without having to take a bus.

By so doing, it will be possible to view the canyon in such a manner that others can probably not. It will be possible to ride along with your neck strained from viewing the beautiful walls of the canyon that look so amazing. It would also be possible to see them on the way down, on the way down however, your concern will be not to wreck by moving too fast in order to be able to get absorbed in the view.

Just before reaching the lodge is one of my favorite places along the way. As I rode up, I soon noticed that the road had a covering of massive cottonwood trees which gave a little shade and a quiet feeling just before the storm. This could be the contrast from the views that were wide open of the Virgin River as well as the Great White Throne. It also gives an intimate feeling of the trees that stood guard as I rode up towards the canyon.

As one goes past the drop off area for hiking Angels Landing, one is soon welcomed by a different part of the Canyon offering an exceptional feel and view. Hitting the ‘big bend’ will make you have a hard time by not resting for some time in the views here. You are however almost at the top part, so don’t give up as yet.
Before reaching at the top and the narrow’s starting point (where the busses drop riders), you will find a little waterfall off to the side that you really need to go and view. A deck is built which allows one to easily have accessibility in going up to see the waterfall that is very stunning.

Biking to Zion’s Top

Upon reaching the top, you will earn an enjoyable ride right back to the Canyon. It was a very beautiful ride. However, there is just a little strenuous peddling that is needed from here and out. You need to be very careful though since you can get significant speeds as you go back downhill. This is just a good ride to end it with astounding speed down the mountain.

This is how one can go biking at Zion’s top. Even if one can take on other routes, this is one of the most straightforward one; very rewarding as evident.

Plan a trip with your friends and family in winter to Zion for a little adventure and challenging experience. Sometimes the park will be closed during peak winter season, therefore, consult the park authorities before planning a trip in winter. And make your trip the most exciting and memorable.

Nowadays planning a trip is easy, if everyone in the group work their schedules, then pick the perfect date for your trip, and make arrangements, isn’t it simple! The hiking trip is more fun when you go with a large group, especially when you are looking forward to spending quality time with your closed ones, this kind of trips help you bond together along with fantastic adventures and fun. Imlay and Heap’s canyons are the best choices to make your trip most exciting and memorable.
If you are traveling with kids, then make sure to take them to their favorite swimming hole in Zion for loads of fun and tan.

Imlay Canyon
Photo Credit: Peter Howe on flickr


To reach Imlay, drive to lava point and take a 5mile walk to reach the Potato Hallow, it is better to start early to reach this spot. Here, you will find the drop and first rap. Some reports are very contradictory about Imlay, but, when you see it yourself then you will see totally different from the reports, the Imlay is in fact very remarkable. You will enjoy few fun raps and a range of gorgeous canyon and enjoy the exciting canyoneering. It takes minimum 10hrs to reach the last rap of Imlay. The experts recommend to canyoneering Imlay from the top. Also, you will enjoy the sneak route and full water route from the top to the end.

Some people believe that Canyons are for unsuccessful rock climbers, but, it is not true at all, only when you climb canyons you will know what you will miss if you didn’t try it. Canyons are fun and different in their own prospect.


Start early to reach Heaps; if you don’t like the shuttle ride to lava point, then from Grotto also you can reach Heaps. When you are canyoneering with friends and family, it is always best to start early, you know the odds. However, heaps have some of the best water sections, they are full and cold, and you can take a swim in keeper holes. But, you may need heavy suit to keep your warm. Heap looks gorgeous from the top of pristine and less crowded Phantom Valley. It is also famous for its sandy corridors, the last rappel hanging on 300inch and 9mm cord. Heaps is a gorgeous canyon, which attracts many visitors, the cold waters add more fun to your trip to heaps.


Heaps/Imlay is different from other canyons in Zion National Park, and they definitely need a special introduction. Imlay and Heaps both have inspiring and challenging character. Inspiring because of the carved stone, dark hallways and profound pools offer a thrilling experience, which you will experience a little in other canyons. Challenging because of its an unremitting flow of water along with harsh pothole exits and a level of tough single giant leap superior to other canyons in Zion.