Heaps Canyon and Imlay Canyon in Zion

Plan a trip with your friends and family in winter to Zion for a little adventure and challenging experience. Sometimes the park will be closed during peak winter season, therefore, consult the park authorities before planning a trip in winter. And make your trip the most exciting and memorable.

Nowadays planning a trip is easy, if everyone in the group work their schedules, then pick the perfect date for your trip, and make arrangements, isn’t it simple! The hiking trip is more fun when you go with a large group, especially when you are looking forward to spending quality time with your closed ones, this kind of trips help you bond together along with fantastic adventures and fun. Imlay and Heap’s canyons are the best choices to make your trip most exciting and memorable.
If you are traveling with kids, then make sure to take them to their favorite swimming hole in Zion for loads of fun and tan.

Imlay Canyon
Photo Credit: Peter Howe on flickr


To reach Imlay, drive to lava point and take a 5mile walk to reach the Potato Hallow, it is better to start early to reach this spot. Here, you will find the drop and first rap. Some reports are very contradictory about Imlay, but, when you see it yourself then you will see totally different from the reports, the Imlay is in fact very remarkable. You will enjoy few fun raps and a range of gorgeous canyon and enjoy the exciting canyoneering. It takes minimum 10hrs to reach the last rap of Imlay. The experts recommend to canyoneering Imlay from the top. Also, you will enjoy the sneak route and full water route from the top to the end.

Some people believe that Canyons are for unsuccessful rock climbers, but, it is not true at all, only when you climb canyons you will know what you will miss if you didn’t try it. Canyons are fun and different in their own prospect.


Start early to reach Heaps; if you don’t like the shuttle ride to lava point, then from Grotto also you can reach Heaps. When you are canyoneering with friends and family, it is always best to start early, you know the odds. However, heaps have some of the best water sections, they are full and cold, and you can take a swim in keeper holes. But, you may need heavy suit to keep your warm. Heap looks gorgeous from the top of pristine and less crowded Phantom Valley. It is also famous for its sandy corridors, the last rappel hanging on 300inch and 9mm cord. Heaps is a gorgeous canyon, which attracts many visitors, the cold waters add more fun to your trip to heaps.


Heaps/Imlay is different from other canyons in Zion National Park, and they definitely need a special introduction. Imlay and Heaps both have inspiring and challenging character. Inspiring because of the carved stone, dark hallways and profound pools offer a thrilling experience, which you will experience a little in other canyons. Challenging because of its an unremitting flow of water along with harsh pothole exits and a level of tough single giant leap superior to other canyons in Zion.

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