Many people know the fact that people can survive without any food for several days and weeks, but without water they cannot survive even for a couple of days. Also the survival period is based on the weather conditions. When you are trekking or trailing in thick forest line, when the sun comes out you feel like drinking a lot of water, as these activities require a lot of water, because you lose most of your body water through breathing out and sweating. So when you’re visiting Zion National Park, and specifically if you’re going to be doing any hiking in Zion, then take note so you can stay safe.

During trekking occasionally people get sick due to dehydration and it may surprise you that even in tropical areas trekking causes severe problems if you do not drink lot of water. You may not be able to get water at regular trails, trekkers who are new to these places are not aware of these facts and you may not find any water ponds in some areas. In some places the stored water or pond water is not good for cooking or drinking.


Therefore, it is very to carry a lot of water while trekking, to keep hydrated all through the day. Also it is important to get familiar with a place like Zion Canyon before you start venturing out, and find where you can find water sources. So that you will keep you hydrated and you can enjoy the beauties of Zion National park peacefully.

Important tips to follow:

  1. Water preservation can only happen when you are able to conserve water only for purpose, it begins with meal preparation. While cooking use minimal water for washing and cooking, use only the amount of water required for washing vessels.
  2. While you are camping, make sure that to cook easy foods like instant noodles instead of cooking rice and curry. So that you can save time and water as well.
  3. In case there is water scarcity in the route where you choose to trek, then make sure that you carry lot of water in your bag. It is very important for you to drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated till you reach some water source. It is always better to prepare well, than to regret.
  4. Refill all empty bottles where ever you find fresh water, don’t think that you have to carry heavy load, remember it is keeping you safe and giving you energy. So for your wellness you must carry lots of water, especially when you are trekking.
  5. Whenever you are thirsty drink a small glass of water, don’t drink the whole bottle at once, it may cause more discomfort. Drink small amounts of water so that it comes out as sweat, but if you are really thirsty, then you should drink as much as you want.
  6. If you are not having enough water to sustain the entire trip, then trick your brain by swishing small amount of water to freshen your mouth before gulp into, so that your stomach sends signals to the brains that it had enough water for now.
  7. In case of lot of scarcity of water sources in camping sites, then make sure to use minimal water and use paper towels mostly for cleaning purpose.
  8. If you want to brush your teeth after every meal, then instead of brushing use Listerine to clean your mouth. The recent studies suggesting that after rinsing your mouth put some water in your mouth and swish it and swallow the water. This keeps you healthy in many ways and keeps your fit for many reasons and also helps you save water.
  9. When you’ve planned a long trip in Zion, pack some useful vitamins, proteins, and energy drinks so that you will stay fit and also you can stay huger free for longer periods of time. Pack some dry nuts and fruits to keep your huger at bay when you are hiking or trailing. Eat good stuff and stay healthy while you are on trip.
  10. When you are on limited food supply, practice this drill which you might have learned during elementary school years. Chew your food for 20 times before swallowing, this drill can help you consume less food and makes you feel full.
  11. Too keep your cloths dry on rainy day, pack a set of rain-gear cloths to keep you dry and they also require no washing, which helps you save water and time.
  12. Pack cloths that are easy to dry, avoid cottons when you are going for hiking, trekking. Cotton cloths take time to dry and they occupy lots of space.
  13. Pack polyester clothes because they are more resilient and wick better. Use microfleece or polarfleece pants and shirts but pack wools only for survival, to keep you warm during cold days.
  14. Pack lot of energy bars, cereal bars, and energy drink. You must take care of your health while you are on trip.

Conclusion: Water discipline is very important when you are trekking and camping in a place like Zion National Park. You should also drink lot of water to keep you hydrated. Therefore you should understand clearly how you can save water and consume water only when it is required.

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