Bumbleberry Inn Theater

Joshua Creek

Joshua Creek is returning to the Bumbleberry Inn Theater!

Known for their story songs and soaring vocals, Joshua Creek has released 8 albums since 2005. Their music generally revolves around themes of faith, family and patriotism. They’ve performed in front of a quarter million people, mostly in the Western U.S. Their song, “What Kinda Car,” hit No 1. on the Christian-Country charts in the south and their songs “I Love You Son,” “Promise You’ll Stay” and others are heard on local radio shows in the Rocky Mountain states. Their latest single is titled “The Garden Road.” Joshua Creek is: Jeff Hinton, lead vocals/guitar; Quint Randle, backing vocals/bass; Ron Saltmarsh, lead guitar/musical director/backing vocals; James Hollister, drums/percussion.

Performance Date: August 20, 2022

Show Starts at 7 p.m.