Things to do in Springdale

Springdale is a lovely, small town that sits on the outskirts of Zion National Park. Its closeness to the park has turned Springdale into a tourism hotspot with tons of great things to do and places to stay when visiting the park and the surrounding areas. Even though Springdale is known for being a tourist town, it retains a great small town feel with many fun and unique things to do.

While many may be in Springdale for the amazing experience in Zion National Park, they would be remiss if they failed to check out the town of Springdale itself. This town has tons of unique things to do, lots of hidden gems, and many opportunities to experience the local culture. In between outdoor adventures, guests can stop into Springdale and visit a museum, take in a show, or marvel at the local artwork. There is no shortage of new experiences to be had while staying in the terrific town of Springdale.

While the list of things to do to fill up the days during a stay in Springdale is nearly limitless, there are a few certain places to see and things to do that are very popular for visitors. These sites and experiences are the best way to celebrate all that makes Springdale and the entire Southern Utah area so amazing. Travelers should be sure to check at least a few of these great activities off their Springdale bucket list while in the area.

Bumbleberry Theater

The Bumbleberry Inn is a lovely inn that provides comfortable and affordable lodging. The Inn also has an on-site restaurant for added convenience. In addition to the terrific lodging and dining, the Bumbleberry Inn is also home to the Bumbleberry Theatre. This theater’s stage has many different performances throughout the year. Over the busy season in Springdale, there are various musical acts that grace the stage, which includes the theaters own acting troupe, Red Rock 222. Each season, this acting company performs a variety of different plays, shows, and musicals, many of which are great for the entire family. These shows have audiences laughing, singing along, and wanting to come back each year to see what the performers on the Bumbleberry stage have in store.

During the 2017 season, shows by Red Rock 222 included Alice in Wonderland: The Musical, The Foreigner, and [Insert Title Here] Improv Comedy Show. These shows range from being great for the whole family to being more suitable for adult audiences. This means that travelers can bring their whole family along or enjoy an adults-only night out. Year after year, Red Rock 222 provides amazing shows like these to eager audiences. The amazing experiences awaiting visitors at Bumbleberry Theatre are unmatched by anything else in all of Springdale.

Zion Human History Museum

This incredible and informative museum is located just outside of Zion very close to Springdale. The Zion Human History Museum has a variety of different permanent exhibits for guests to enjoy. These exhibits help to educate visitors about the many different people who inhabited this unique area throughout history. From the original Native Americans who used this land to the pioneers who settled it, guests can learn all about the human history of the Zion and Springdale areas in the beautiful setting of the Zion Human History Museum.

Learning about the history of this area makes a visit to Springdale and its surrounding areas even more amazing. Guests can walk along the red rock and imagine the people who had walked it before them, all while learning about the rich history of the area as well as the flora and fauna. The connection with history that is felt both during a visit to the museum and while recalling what was learned while in the museum is truly amazing.

Grafton Ghost Town

In the late 1850’s, the town of Grafton was established by settlers from the town of Virgin. It lies just outside of Zion, which is a short drive from Springdale. The experience of walking through this ghost town is both exciting and eerie. Guests will first drive past, and are welcome to explore, the Grafton Cemetery. This cemetery has graves that date back to the 1860’s. This spooky piece of history is a thrilling and educational place to explore. Next, guests will travel into the town of Grafton. This ghost town consists of five different buildings: a barn with an outhouse, the home of John Wood, which was built in 1877, a church that was also used as a schoolhouse, a beautiful two-story residence, and the Louisa Russel home. These abandoned buildings are well maintained, meaning guests can get a feel for how the home looked originally while they were used and lived in daily.

Visitors can just imagine how difficult life must have been for the settlers of Grafton. Each day was started with uncertainty as they prepared to face harsh weather, attacks by Native Americans, and much more. Their resilience to stay in this town and try to make their way by harvesting cotton and other crops can be seen in the numerous pieces of farming equipment, which also lie abandoned. The haunting experience of exploring Grafton Ghost Town will not be soon forgotten.

DeZion Gallery

Located in Springdale, DeZion Gallery is an amazing gallery that focuses on the work of local artists and their portrayal of the southwest and Zion areas. Each piece shows what inspires the artist about the area. There are a variety of different types of artworks, from photography to pottery, for guests to marvel at. In this gallery, visitors will find pieces from artists who are not yet well known as well as artwork from world renowned artists. DeZion is all about fostering the beautiful art that results from Zion’s inspiration.

A walk through the gallery will also give visitors a new respect and understanding for the history of Springdale, Zion, and the whole southwestern area. Portrayed in this artwork is the lives of the Native American people, the geological wonders of the west, and so much more. To view the Zion and Springdale area from a completely different perspective, a trip to DeZion Gallery is in order.

Zion National Park

Though this list is about things to do in Springdale, leaving out this very important area would be foolish. This very popular national park that lies just outside of Springdale has, in recent years, brought in over four million visitors each year. There are so many incredible things to do and see in Zion National Park. The outdoor adventures are nearly limitless. Visitors can go horseback riding, hiking, rappelling, biking, and so much more. These outdoor experiences provide an incredible vacation for anyone visiting the area. Staying in Springdale gives guests quick and easy access to these amazing outdoor activities in Zion National Park.

Exploring Zion after seeing the many other things that the Springdale area has to offer makes the experience even more magical. The historical connections made around every turn make this vacation one of the most memorable, purposeful, and beautiful trips that many people will ever have. The joy of walking along Zion National Park after experiencing the other wonders that Springdale holds is truly unforgettable.

Springdale is Calling

A trip to Springdale will prove itself to be one of the most culturally impressive vacations that many people take. While visiting Zion National Park is certainly a great reason to travel here, there is so much more waiting in town for visitors to discover. Whether travelers need a break from strenuous outdoor activities, the weather is poor, or there is some downtime throughout the trip, checking out the many sites throughout the town of Springdale is always a great idea. Staying in Springdale offers not only terrific lodging options but also many other incredible experiences. Answer the call for adventure by exploring the lovely town of Springdale and its many hidden gems.