New this year is this blog. Hopefully you will find it useful as we tell you more about Bumbleberry and Zion National Park. Currently we are working on the hot tub and deck area around the pool. Everything is torn up but is in the process of being finished. When all is done our guests should find it one of their highlights. The hot tub has a waterfall that flows into the swimming pool as well as nine jets. You and your friends can all enjoy the spacious hot tub and the different jets that we have installed. The pool area will have natural looking stone work around it to help blend in with Zion National Park. Also on order are new window furnishings and bed skirts. With duvees are being made to upgrade the look of the rooms. We have listened to what our guests have asked for and are trying to make your stay the most comfortable that we can. If you have comments and suggestions please let me know. Thanks for your interest in Bumbleberry Inn

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