Zion National Park offers several grand hiking trails to visitors. It is totally different from other nearby parks including Bryce Canyon and Bryce Arches, which are the most popular parks in U.S. At Zion National park you can take the most exciting and strenuous trail through the surface of the Canyon to Angels Landing, or through beautiful waterfalls, but it is suggestible not to attempt if you are scared of heights. The narrow hikes during the mid summer months will take you straightly into the river and to the extent to upstream. At some places the water will be around 4-5 feet deep, so it is advisable not to take expensive camera with you as it may get damaged.

Pa’rus Trail

To reach Pa’rus Trail, round-trip is about 5.6km/3.5mi, and it takes around one and half hour to reach the trail. The hike is suggestible for beginners, easy hike, and paved trail takes to Virgin River from South-Campground to the Zion-Canyon junction. You can reach the Pa’rus trail through South Campground. Handicap individuals can enter through South Campground.

Weeping Rock Trail

Round trip to weeping rock trail is about 0.8km/0.5mi and to reach the trail it takes about half hour. The trail is about 98 feet, easy hike, and minor drop-offs. Smooth trail ends at rock-alcove with drenched springs. The walls are decorated with wildflower hanging gardens during summer and spring time. Trailside exhibits are possibly not available and access to weeping rock trail is through weeping rock parking lot.

Weeping Rock Trail--Under the Weeping Ledge
Photo Credit: justmecpb on flickr

Riverside Walk

Round trip is about 3.3km/2,0mi, it takes around one and half hours to reach the trail, and the climb is 17m/57ft. The hike is easy, minor drop-offs. The paved trail leads to the Virgin River through the narrow Zion Canyon bottom. The surroundings are coved with hanging gardens of wildflowers especially during summer and spring. Access to the trial is through Temple of Sinawava parking-lot. Access to Handicapped individuals is permitted.

Lower Emerald Pools Trail

Round trip is about 1.9km/1.2mi,and it takes about one hour to reach the trail, 21m/69ft ascent, easy hike and minor drop-offs. The paved trail leads you to 3 waterfalls and lower pool. During winter the trail is closed. Enter the trial through opposite side of lane from Zion Lodge parking-lot.

Middle Emerald Pools Trail

Round trip covers 3.3km/2.0mi and it takes 2 hours to reach the trail, 46m/150ft climb, it’s a moderate hike, and long drop-offs. Middle emerald pool trail takes you to middle and lower pools. During the winter the park is closed. You can enter the park from the opposite site of the lane from lodge parking lot.

Watchman Trail

The round trip to the trail covers 3.3km/2.0mi and takes 2 hours to reach the trail. 112m/368ft ascent and it’s a moderate hike, minor drop-offs. It is advisable to reach the trail early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid heat. The trail ends at Oak Creek Canyon, lower Zion canyon, and Springdale town.

Canyon Overlook Trail

Round trip covers 1.6km/1,0mi and takes approximately one hour to reach the trail, and the ascent is about 50m/163ft, moderate hike and long drop-offs, the entire area is fenced. The trail is rocky, rough and it ends at outstanding viewpoint of Pine Creek Canyon and lower Zion Canyon. Enter the trial from Zion Mt. Carmel Highway towards the east end of lengthy tunnel.

Zion Narrows Trail

The Zion Narrows can be approached in two ways, one is Short Day-hike and the other one is Day-hike. Short Day-hike takes one to 5 hours roundtrip, the trail follows upstream a head of the Riverside Walk, no permit required. For Day-hike, you need to take shuttle to trailhead, and it is an all-day hike. You must pay $5.00 per head to enter the trail. Get the permit at Zion Canyon Visitor Center at 8.30 a.m. the previous day before your hike.

Angels Landing Trail

Round trip is 8.1km/5.0mi and average time to reach the trial take 4 hours. The climb is about 453m/1488ft, strenuous hike, long drop-offs and very narrow trail. Not recommended for individuals who are scared of heights. The trail ends at the peak high above Zion Canyon terrain. Towards the end of the trail around 0.8/0.5mi will be very steep and narrow ridge, for safety the park authorities has arranged chains to hold on. You can enter the trail from Grotto Picnic area.

Observation Point Trail

Round trip is around 13km/8.0mi, average time to reach is about 5 hours, and climb is about 655m/2148ft, strenuous hike. The trial follows through Echo Canyon to Observation-point. The trail offers you splendid views of Zion Canyon. You can enter the trial through east rim. The last one is Plateau trails, Deertrap Mountain and Cable Mountain; you can enter the trail from Weeping Rock picnic spot.

These are the Trails obtained for visitors in Zion National Park. Each trail has their own specification and you can explore one after the other during your visits. Enjoy and experience the best hiking at Zion National Park.

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