Zion Climbing Skills

Zion Canyon has 2,000feet cliffs, the biggest wall in ZNP, Utah. People visit the state from all over the world to climb these big walls as it is one of the famous multi-pitch free-climbing destinations in the United States of America. The ZNP offers a several number of Grade IV climbs are available for beginners and intermediate level climbers. These climbs are about 800-1,500feet, but the big walls are recommended only for experienced climbers because they are difficult to climb for inexperienced hikers. The ZNP has several sports climbing and top-roping areas as well. People of all age groups can enjoy the trip as Zion National Park has several interesting adventures and activities.

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The best time to climb big walls is between March and May, and between September and early November. Plan it properly if you are visiting Zion in hot summer months because the summer will be very hot, the temperatures rise around 100 degrees and the walls will be very hot to climb particularly at no shade areas.

Bouldering Regions

The main canyon has access for two Bouldering areas. The first entrance is at south it’s about 40yards from the west, the boulder is as big as a house and it offers several options and also causes a lot of problems. The other entrance is about 0.5miles north of the south entrance. On west, you can see the Drilled Pocket Boulder and this slab has a crack facing south.


For day climb, the permit is not required, but if you are planning to stay overnight, then the permit is compulsory. Visit the official website for more information.

All Climbs at Zion Canyon offers excitement and experience, and the big walls can help you overcome your fears with its challenging climbs. Visit the park not just for climbs, but also for several other activities. Make your trip most memorable climbing the most exciting climbs at Zion.

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