Human beings are generally very daring and always seeking for adventure. If you are the adventure chasing type, then you must consider visiting Zion National Park to try out the fun and adventure filled package offered in an around the park. Along with the famous hikes that most come to Zion to experience, some of the most interesting adventures in the area include biking, ATV riding, paintball, horseback riding, wall climbing and rappelling, and trampoline bungee jumping.

Zion National ParkPhoto credit: Jason Lewandowski on flickr

ATV Riding

All Terrain Vehicles, or more commonly knowns ATVs, are very compact vehicles used to traverse the dense landscape around the park. However, do not let their toy-like nature deceive you. These are custom built, full throttle vehicles designed to comfortably blast through the rocky and hilly terrains of the park, and pass through intense stream beds. You will be intrigued by the power and speed of these machines, as you blast your way through the course. There is even more fun and glory when you decide to make a splash and get dirty by speeding through the mud as you go through your tour. However, ATV tours are limited to visitors with a valid drivers license or learners permit, and must be over the age of 16. If you have members of your group that are under the age of 16, there are still options for them to join in on the fun. Smaller ATV’s or Golf carts may be provided for those under 16.

You have to realize that ATV riding can be very dangerous and you are responsible for your actions. You could be asked to discontinue any further participation in the tour, if you are found responsible for any act that may cause possible damage or harm to yourself or others.


Paintball is another very exciting activity you do not want to miss while at Zion. There are many courses with a lot of space dedicated just for the game of paintball. Whether you have a small group or a larger group, they have the space to accommodate almost any group! This is an exciting arena for paintball, because there are many obstacles incorporated into the natural landscaping. These are perfect locations where you can easily take cover or camouflage without easily being noticed, as you take revenge on opponents and cover them up in paint. The paintball ground has been further customized to create opportunities for you to sneak around your opponents and knock them out. In fact, the experience can be measured to that of a US Marshal in combat, but less dangerous.

Shooting Range

While at Zion National Park, you could test your guts by going visiting a shotgun range. The shooting range is safely located at a considerable distance away from human or animal settlement, to ensure that the only casualties are the targeted clay pigeons or cans. Although hunting is prohibited in or around the park, you can grab a taste of the hunting experience in this natural environment by shooting cans or clay pigeons that are being thrown across the valley with a provided 20 gauge shotgun. You also have the option of shooting stationary targets that have been placed against the hillside. It is possible to bring your own gun for this exercise, but strict rules apply in such situations.

Horseback Riding

If you have a passion for riding on horseback, or maybe you are just eager to learn the art of horseback riding, then you should consider signing up for a horseback riding tour. Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, working in collaboration with East Zion Adventures, is just one of the many places where you can actually get a one on one horseback riding training with some of the most experienced wranglers you could possibly imagine. Just an hour in the training session could immediately eliminate all your fears about horses, and transform you into an almost perfect horse rider. You would be teamed up with the most suitable young, strong, and well trained horses that would gracefully carry you as you embark on the ride of your life.

Along with the natural beauty and wonder of the park itself, these thrilling adventures only add to the pull that Zion National Park has on outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers around the world. What will you do on your next adventure to Zion?

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